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How Our Real Estate Consultants Can Help You

We can help you invest in properties or sell your house fast. We believe it’s important to invest in assets or business entities you can use to gain income. These properties can mainly be used to carry out business or just for investing purposes. For business purposes commercial real estate comprises of leasing restaurants, offices, gas stations, malls and many others.

On the other hand, for investment purposes, commercial real estate is a property, asset or land that is capable of being used for many reasons. For this purpose you will be required to have a substantial amount of capital required for starting the investment and a broad knowledge of the rules, while knowing the financial and legal characteristics of being a landlord.

Both the tenant and landlord have a part to play in the real estate process. They have to come to an agreement on who pays the maintenance, taxes and insurance. The tenant pays on property taxes in a single-net lease. In a double-net lease, the property taxes and insurance is paid by the tenant. In a triple-net lease, the taxes for the property, insurance and maintenance is covered by the tenant. In a gross lease, the landlord pays the property taxes, insurance and maintenance while the tenant pays the rent only

Categories of properties

• Offices – these office buildings are categorized into three classes. Class A, Class B and Class C. They can include single tenant building, skyscrapers and small professional buildings. Those in class A are considered the best since they are new or highly renovated and have good infrastructure. Those in class B are either renovated or well improved and are more likely to bring a high income return. Those in class C are old or poorly located and are charged lower rents.

• Industrial – they include small locations, warehouses and manufacturing

• Multi-family – these are apartments or small family units which can include garden apartments.

• Land – land is much favored especially if there are prospects of future development such as a tarmac road built near the land or if there is a growing population.

• Retail – examples are a bank or restaurant. They are often found on the ground floor of buildings especially in places where there are many tenants.

• Single-family – this is the most popular type of investment and usually what beginners start out with. This is properties like 3 bedroom 2 baths. When starting out with real estate investing, we actually recommend going with the single family investments because they are easier to acquire and if you know what your looking for then it is possible to profit right away. There is no guarantees that you will profit from your first property but if you score big on your first investment then it is much more motivating to continue the learning process.

Clients ask me daily how to sell my house fast for cash. We have plenty of resources for different types of investors and we are sure you will find information here that suits your need. You can always ask one of our consultants any questions you may have because they are here to help. We have literally worked with tons of different people from every walk of life and we know what it takes to go from beginner to novice and on to advanced investor. We will be hosting different types of programs and tutorials on real estate consulting so be sure to bookmark us and check back in the future. More great things to come!

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